Screen Shots

PrayerLoft allows you to choose from 14 themes so you can easily get a look and feel that you like. If you need more customization, the Deluxe package allows you to link your own Bootstrap 4 CSS for complete control! The screen shots below show the home page using a few different themes.

PrayerLoft makes it super easy to receive and administer prayer requests. The images below show the flow of submitting a new prayer request, prayer team members receiving an email notification, approving the prayer request and praying for it, and finally the person who submitted the new prayer request receiving an email notification that someone prayed! It really is that simple and easy.

Want to see PrayerLoft in action? Go to to see a fully functional demonstration site. Feel free to submit a prayer request as well as click the 'I prayed' button. Email us if you would like to login as the master administrator and see all the features!