About Us

We are Mitch and Amy Martin and we are the owners and founders of PrayerLoft. We have been married since 1984 and we experienced the amazing grace and transforming power of Jesus Christ in both our lives in 2003-2005. Jesus healed our hearts, made us new creations, and restored our broken marriage. The LORD ignited a passion to pray for Jesus to be known and exalted and for all people to be transformed, healed, and restored by Him.

Shortly after, we joined a church where we were exposed to both domestic and international missions. Our pastor would often say to our church, “Some can go; Many can give; All can pray.” That made an impact on us so we went and we began to give and pray. We learned how powerfully the LORD reveals Himself as the One True and Living God to individuals and the nations through our prayers. We have seen people healed, whole families saved and baptized, and churches started in villages where there has never been one. We have even prayed for a family’s sick cow and seen the LORD demonstrate His power and love for this family through His healing of their cow!

Our God wants to see the Church come to Him with all of our needs. PrayerLoft was birthed out of a desire to provide an easy way for people to send their prayer needs to intercessors and be prayed for almost immediately. PrayerLoft can send notifications to those who submitted prayer request as soon as they have been prayed for, offering needed encouragement while waiting on the Lord’s will and timing. It’s our desire that no one should have to wonder if their prayer request has made into the hands of someone who will actually pray.

We pray that PrayerLoft is used by the LORD to make Jesus known by providing intercessors within the Church a place to pray for, connect with, and encourage one another. We pray that the LORD uses PrayerLoft outside the Church to expand the Kingdom of God so we give the first monthly payment received from every new church partner entirely to missions. We also continue to give 10% of every monthly payment we receive to missions so that Jesus can be made known throughout the earth.

If you’re interested in learning more about what the LORD is doing through PrayerLoft or if you think PrayerLoft would be a good resource for your prayer ministry, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Mitch and Amy